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The department was established in (1975-1976) as an office management and then was renamed in (1991-1992) to the secretarial department and in (2004-2005) the department was renamed again to the office management department, as 36 courses were graduated from the establishment of the department to the academic year (2012-2013).
The evening study has been introduced in the department since (1996-1997) the number of courses that are graduated from this study (16) course.
During this period, the department expanded so that the number of students for the morning study became (359) for the first and second grades and (270) students for the evening study (first and third).

Establishing the office management department to serve as a scientific, civilized and intellectual radiation center that feeds the Iraqi society in particular and the Arab society in general. For efficient technical outputs that meet its needs in quantity and quality equipped with high-quality education requirements (model laboratories for training students, Internet, smart boards, specialized technical cadres with higher degrees with scientific skills in the field of specialization … etc., and adopts the system of open education and distance education.


Preparing administrative technical cadres responsible for managing the office equipped with academic knowledge and scientific skills that qualify them to finance plans and goals into action and work with a high quality degree and be a link between the manager and employees to translate the plans and objectives of the organization and the manager’s thought into action and achievement by employees.


The department aims to prepare specialized technical staff on the use of modern technologies and computer applications in the field of office management, means of communication and correspondence to accomplish office work in various institutions and these cadres are able to:
Preparing office work, managing it and organizing the workflow in the various administrative units.
Organizing meetings of departments in internal and external missions.
Carrying out private and public secretarial work, including organizing interviews and meetings, answering the phone, organizing mail.
The use of mechanization

Graduate work description

The work of the graduate of the Department of Office Management is summarized in the extent of his ability to use modern technologies and computer applications in the field of office management, means of communication and correspondence to complete office work in various institutions. 

Department Statistics
teaching staff
Total Students
males=102 females=111
Number of students in the first stage
males= 58 females=66
Number of students in the second stage
males=44 females=45