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It is one of the scientific departments of the Nineveh Technical Institute, founded the Department of Legal Administration in 1995, and students are accepted from graduates of the scientific and literary branches of preparatory study. The duration of the study is two years and includes practical training in state departments and the private sector.


Striving to achieve quality and academic accreditation in the field of education, applied and scientific research, and upgrading the legal and judicial reality in a way that contributes to community service and preserving legal values and the principles of justice and equality.


Preparing technically qualified graduates to practice administrative and legal work of a procedural nature according to a philosophy that focuses on modern technical education and scientific research related to the field side through a high-quality applied program in the branches of legal knowledge.


Preparing qualified technical staff to carry out criminal investigation work and the procedural and administrative legal work required by work in the judicial field, in other state institutions and the private sector.

Description of the graduate’s work

1-Work in the field of criminal investigation under the supervision of investigating judges.
2-Follow up on legal procedures in the judicial and legal departments within state institutions and the private sector.
3-Carrying out the administrative work required by the tasks of judicial, judicial and other state institutions.
4-Writing various legal records, such as records of seizure, disclosure, receipt and delivery of funds, etc.

Department Statistics
teaching staff
Total number of students
Number of students in the first stage
males=90 females=84
Number of students in the second stage
males=74 females=37