Nineveh Technical Management Institute

The Nineveh Technical Institute is one of the scientific institutions of the Northern Technical University founded in 1993-1994, it guarantees five departments: Department of Computer Systems Technologies, Department of Accounting Technologies, Department of Financial and Banking Technologies, Department of Legal Management Techniques and Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Technologies, and the Institute accepts graduates of preparatory study Scientific, Literary and Commercial Branch and the duration of study (two calendar years) It includes practical training in factories and various state departments, and the graduate is awarded a technical diploma in the field of specialization, and the evening study was opened for the departments (Department of Accounting, Legal Management, Tourism and Hotel Management) for the academic year 2020-2021.


Striving hard to establish a sustainable and renewable creative technical education that contributes to the advancement of the field reality of technical education, adopting innovators and developing their skills to reach a distinguished leading position among creative technical administrative institutes in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and community service needs and in line with modernity and technical technological development.

Contribute to the development of the technical performance of our university through continuous improvement, in a way that enables the community to be provided with renewable and advanced scientific technical energies, as well as enhancing the capabilities of the university professor in the field of teaching and sober scientific research and

Preparing technical administrative staff capable of responding to the field reality in order to achieve the goals of sustainable technical development.
Adopting modern methods and methods in teaching theoretically and practically so that our graduates are able to engage in the labor market once they graduate and receive their tasks.
Motivating scientific departments and their teaching staff to present pioneering ideas on the development of rare scientific departments in order to advance the reality of the educational process in the technical administrative field.
Continuously working on the development and adoption of distinguished administrative methods and methods in the field of administrative techniques and training of students, from

The Nineveh Institute of Technical Management includes eight administrative departments


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