The Nineveh Technical Institute is one of the scientific institutions of the Northern Technical University founded in 1993-1994, it includes five departments: the Department of Computer Systems Technologies, the Department of Accounting Technologies, the Department of Financial and Banking Technologies, the Department of Legal Management Techniques and the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Techniques, and the Institute accepts graduates of the preparatory study scientific, literary and commercial branch and the duration of the study (two calendar years) It includes practical training in factories and various state departments, and the graduate is granted a technical diploma in the field of specialization, and the evening study has been opened for the departments (Accounting Department, Legal Administration, Tourism and Hotel Management) for the academic year 2020-2021.

Vision of the Institute

Creating a creative technical education system that meets the highest market needs that focuses on the needs of the field of work and serves the changing needs of the market.


Creating a creative technical education system that meets the highest market needs that focuses on the needs of the field of work and serves the changing needs of the market.


Providing high-quality technical education that makes the target return in the education process more efficient and distinctive in quantity and quality that keeps pace with scientific and technical development and the adoption of education for the market, quality and return.

Objectives of the Institute

Preparing specialized technical cadres that are scientifically and practically qualified in line with the requirements of administrative, financial and information development capable of dealing with the requirements of modern technologies and the work environment to serve the community.
Keeping abreast of scientific and technical developments by linking curricula with the productive and service sectors in society to meet the needs of the labor market, conducting scientific research and exchanging experiences and information with technical institutes and universities • Providing consultations and scientific and training expertise to the official and informal segments of society to raise the level of practice of the profession and develop teamwork through the Office of Scientific and Advisory Services at the Institute.

Study and Admission System

The Institute adopts the annual system of teaching, in which the academic year is (30) weeks in addition to (8) weeks of practical teaching in production and service companies in the field of specialization. • Graduates of the preparatory study, the scientific and literary branch, and for professional study, the commercial branch and the tourism branch, are accepted at the institute. 

Certificate Awarded:

The Institute grants a technical diploma according to the disciplines in its scientific departments

Fields of work and privileges for graduates:

• Graduates of the scientific departments of the Institute work in all departments and institutions of the state and the private sector in administrative, financial and banking work and analysis of systems and information

• The top 5% accept the scientific departments of the Institute in Iraqi universities in the colleges corresponding to their specialization

Departments of the Institute:

1. The Department of Accounting Techniques was established in 1993.
2. The Department of Financial and Banking Technologies was established in 1994.
3. The Department of Legal Administration Techniques was established in 1995.
4. Department of Tourism Technologies and Hotel Management was established in 1998.
5. Department of Computer Systems Technologies was established in 2001

Deans who succeeded the Institute’s management:

• Assistant Professor Dr. Samir Abdul Razzaq Al-Abdali 1993 – 2000
• Assistant Professor Dr. Mahfouz Hamdoun Abdel Sawaf 2000-2003.
• Assistant Professor Hani Gabr Mahmoud Al-Saidia 2003-2014.
• Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Al-Azzawi 2014-2016.
• Assistant Professor Dr. Samir Taha Yassin 2017-2019.
• Assistant Professor Dr. Majid Mohammed Saleh 2019 and is still continuing to manage the institute as an agency.