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It is one of the scientific departments of the Nineveh Technical Institute was founded in 2001 and was founded as (Department of Computer Systems) since the beginning of the academic year 2002-2003 and then the name was updated to become (Department of Computer Systems) to be more compatible with the vision, mission and goals achieved by the department, and the department accepts students in it from the scientific branch of the preparatory study for the duration of the study in which two years with summer training for two months.


The department looks forward to excellence through an academic program that achieves international standard levels in the field of computer systems technologies, which helps to prepare qualified and trained competencies and qualified technical cadres to carry out data entry, operate systems, implement application programs, participate in the design and development of systems and software, and rely on the e-learning system and electronic educational platforms (Google Classroom) to deliver lectures, register electronically and conduct exams electronically


Creating technical administrative education that adopts modern methods in preparing qualified and highly skilled graduates with sufficient experience in a way that ensures high quality in the outputs achieved in quantity, quality, thought and performance in light of the availability of the elements of rapid response to technical developments and the variables of the surrounding environment to reach the distinguished alignment with the needs of the market and society.


The department aims to prepare human cadres with technical qualifications that enable them to enter the labor market efficiently, as well as preparing qualified technical cadres in various sciences and disciplines of computer technology and informatics that meet the requirements of work with modern technical methods to serve the community through communication with official and semi-official departments by focusing on the software in force in those departments, as the curricula are updated accordingly.

Description of the graduate’s work

1. Run and use various ready-made applications.
2. Assembling and maintaining programs.
3- Operating network operating systems and using various network and Internet applications.
4- Designing and managing websites.
5- Analysis and design of database systems.
6- Ability to keep pace with the labor market.

Department Statistics

Teaching staff
Number of students (first + second)
First Stage Students
males=23 females=43
Second Stage Students
males=21 females=30