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The establishment of the Department of Materials Management Techniques to serve as a center of scientific, cultural and intellectual radiation that feeds the Iraqi society in particular and the Arab society in general with efficient technical outputs that meet their needs in quantity and quality.


Preparing technical administrative cadres responsible for materials management equipped with academic knowledge and practical skills that qualify them to transform plans and goals into action and work with a high quality degree and be a link between the manager and employees to translate the plans and objectives of the organization and the manager’s thought into action and achievement by employees 


Preparing qualified technical cadres to practice special activities related to the purchase, production, storage and marketing of products of goods and services in the field of work from business organizations (both state departments and the private sector).

Graduate work description

1- Practicing activities related to the qualitative and quantitative examination of the received materials and their conformity with the required specifications
And receiving materials and entering them in storage.
2- Practicing activities related to the classification and classification of materials.
3- Examination, typesetting and implementation of materials and storage using various storage techniques and providing appropriate conditions for them.
4- Keeping inventory records and organizing and keeping their documents.
5- Preparing the necessary data for the procurement, production and storage operations, preparing statements related to the control of materials and following up the movement of warehouse materials.
6- Use of

Department Statistics
teaching staff
Total number of students
Number of students in the first stage
males=50 females=39
Number of Students in the Second Stage
males=38 females=34