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Proving that libraries and information centers have been and still are the main and reliable helpers for beneficiaries and information seekers in ensuring access to it despite modern and future challenges.



Preparing library and information specialists who have a sense of responsibility and honesty to serve beneficiaries and researchers for fast, codified and accurate access to the required information through libraries and information centers in their traditional or electronic form exclusively.



The academic program of the department aims to prepare technicians and technicians in the field of information and libraries who are able to practice library activities related to the following areas: –
The student’s definition of the concept of traditional and electronic supply of information sources in libraries and information centers such as purchase, gifting, exchange and others, and how to formulate a policy for the development of holdings for all forms of traditional and electronic information sources available on the websites of international publishing houses and free access sites for information and how to communicate with them. In addition to introducing the student to how to create a rule

Graduate work description

1- Practicing activities related to the qualitative and quantitative examination of the received materials and their conformity with the required specifications
And receiving materials and entering them in storage.
2- Practicing activities related to the classification and classification of materials.
3- Examination, typesetting and implementation of materials and storage using various storage techniques and providing appropriate conditions for them.
4- Keeping inventory records and organizing and keeping their documents.
5- Preparing the necessary data for the procurement, production and storage operations, preparing statements related to the control of materials and following up the movement of warehouse materials.
6- Use of

Department Statistics
teaching staff
Total number of students
Number of students in the first stage
males=28 females=25
Number of students in the second stage
males=12 females=21