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The Electronic Calculator Center was inaugurated since the beginning of the establishment of the Technical Institute / Nineveh, and it has gone through continuous stages of development during successive periods and has provided many achievements and services to the Technical Education Authority, the Institute, the governorate departments and civil society institutions, such as development courses in the field of operation, installation and maintenance of the computer and its accessories And the service, scientific, engineering, and administrative programs and the various software systems and the center currently contains laboratories for electronic computers especially for teaching and training students. The calculator center includes a laptop computer for computer lessons and its various applications, as well as for the lessons that need design and engineering drawing programs and the use of the Internet. The Electronic Calculator Center strives to make its laboratories exemplary in quantity and quality because of their importance in performance and keeping pace with development and modernity as much as possible, as each laboratory contains a data display device, as well as some laboratories contain a smart board and the laboratories are under the responsibility and management of an experienced technical cadre with proven experience and competence. On The center is responsible for managing, installing, maintaining and maintaining the Internet system and delivering Internet lines to all places where this service is required, as well as maintaining and maintaining all the institute’s computers, including installing, repairing and shredding it for all departments, divisions and units. And the continuous pursuit of developing the existing one