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It is one of the scientific departments of the Nineveh Technical Institute, founded with the beginning of the establishment of the Institute in 1993 in order to contribute to the provision and supply of state institutions and the private sector with appropriate technical accounting staff for the management of economic units, and is the largest section in the Institute in terms of the number of teaching staff and the number of students and students are accepted in it from the graduates of the scientific branch of the preparatory study and the commercial branch of professional studies, The duration of the study is two years, which includes practical training in state departments.


Work to keep pace with the scientific and technical development that makes the department’s outputs able to keep pace with developments and changes in the labor market.


Enriching the labor market with qualified middle cadres in the field of accounting capable of working, using academic and applied educational curricula.


A. General Objective
Preparing qualified cadres to work in various purposeful and non-profit economic units and in various government sectors.

B – Specialized objectives of the department
1. Preparing intermediate cadres scientifically and practically qualified to work in economic units of all kinds.
2. Contribute to community service by holding training courses for workers in accounting and auditing units and providing scientific consultations to help solve problems and obstacles facing the workflow.

3. Deepening the bonds of cooperation with the corresponding accounting departments inside and outside the country, as well as syndicates and professional associations related to accounting and auditing to exchange experiences.
4. Holding scientific conferences and seminars and encouraging faculty members to participate in attending scientific conferences by preparing scientific research in a way that contributes to the development of accounting work.
5. Holding parallel courses in accounting and training employees in the public sector and granting them a technical diploma in accounting





Description of the graduate’s work

Keeping accounting records of all kinds, organizing documents, preparing trial balances, participating in the implementation of continuous or final inventory, especially committees that require a financial member, as well as participating and carrying out the internal audit of financial statements (when assigned to this work).
Carry out the work of matches and prepare the statements related to the work assigned to it.
Carrying out the implementation of the secretariat of the Fund and all procedures related to this process.
Organizing payrolls, advances and everything related to the process of calculating and disbursing salaries.

For his ability to use new technologies in his field of specialization.