Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division is concerned with accepting students nominated for admission to the Institute from the Department of Studies, Planning, Follow-up and Central Admission. And receiving students for scientific, literary, and commercial specializations

Tasks of the Division:
1. It works on issuing administrative orders for admission, transfer of students and hosting them in the rest of the institutes.
2. It is based on the follow-up of decisions and instructions in the Student Affairs Procedures Manual.
3. Issuing graduation orders for courses for scientific departments after issuing the university order to graduate.
4. The Student Affairs Unit grants documents and endorsement of graduation and documents in grades and ratifies them from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in both Arabic and English.

5. Complete the required issuance of documents for the first students of the Institute to the colleges in which they are accepted.
6. The Division archives all orders and issuances related to students throughout the academic year.
7. Follow up the documents of those accepted, the validity of their issuance, and the measures taken in the event of forgery.