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It is one of the scientific departments of the Nineveh Technical Institute, founded in 1998, aims to prepare and qualify technical staff to work in hotels, restaurants, resorts and tourist complexes in all their specialties, students are accepted from the scientific and literary branches of the preparatory study and the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, the duration of the study is two years with summer training for two months.


(Excellence and competition in the field of tourism education and training and the exchange of specialized and academic experiences to ensure realistic and electronic tourism education contemporary to modern education).


Providing the community with technically and electronically distinguished technical professionals in the field of tourism management and enhancing leadership skills that focus on the modern contemporary tourism industry through an exceptional student-centered experience based on the best modern technical research practices, best educational practices and professional ethics in the tourism industry.


1. Preparing and qualifying technical staff with the ability to work in the management of tourism facilities in terms of realistic management and electronic management.
2. Preparing the tour guide to lead the tourist groups coming to the country and guiding them to the tourist offers with the ability and possibility necessary to deliver information about tourist and archaeological facilities well to the tourist through the optimal academic method.
3. Providing students with theoretical and applied study materialsTheoretical and applied paper and electronic in the field of hotel tourism work and the development of their capabilities in a manner that suits.

4. Developing students’ abilities in the field of management, techniques and its applications

Description of the graduate’s work

Managing work in front offices in hotels, tourist and hotel establishments and resorts.
Managing work in food and beverages and organizing their purchases, accounts and workflow.
Work in sales service offices, airlines and reservation offices
Supervising the management and service of rooms in hotels, tourist facilities and resorts that provide housing services to tourists.

Department Statistics
teaching staff
Total number of students
Number of students in the first stage
males=18 females=9
Number of students in the second stage
males=26 females=14